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Going back to the history of the games of casino we find that the first casino came into existence in the year 1941 at Las Vegas. The upsurge of the technological advances of the humans has abandoned many established processes in the annals of the human development. Similar is the case for the physical casinos. The huge advancement of the communication technology during the twentieth century has brushed aside all the activities of the physical casinos when the new form of playing the games of casino was discovered through the use of computer software and after the evolvement of the online casino web sites such as New Online Casinos.

So by 1992 most of these physical casinos had to be shut down due to scarcity of consumers giving way to the online casino web sites in its place. The vast numbers of the online casino web sites in the internet itself tells the story of the rising popularity and the vast amount of business they carry along with them. You can browse the internet only to find more than 27 million online casino web sites offering varieties of casino games to you. The rapid surge in the business can be guessed from the statistics that says that by the year 1996 a mere $17 million was invested in wagering that rapidly rose to $ 3 billion by the year 2000.


As of now the expert estimators says that about more than one trillion dollar is spent each year on online casino web sites by the people worldwide. With the increase in speed of the internet due to the continuous development of the science and technology as well as the development in the gaming experience of the online casino games the amount spent on the casinos would show a constant upward trend in the years to come.


Along with the advancement of the business of the online casino web sites the advertising segment of the industry has also progressed spectacularly. The study by the BBC regarding the amount of money spent in the advertisement of online casino web site revealed that the casino advertisement is the fifth largest advertisers in the internet. The online version of the casino games uses two types of computer software. The download based software requires the players to download the software from the site of the New Online Casinos. The other is the online casino sites where you can directly play the games of chances at the interface of the site.

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