Fruit machine ( Also known as a slot machine )

It is a coin operated machine that can generate random combination of symbols,representing a fruit, on a dial. Some combination of symbols can win money for the player. The player does not need to have any knowledge of gambling.This idea proved to be highly successful. And it brought around 60% of annual gaming profits in the USA.


A series of events happen when someone pulls the lever on the slot machine.:-

The handle rotates a hook kind of mechanism and pulls the kicker forward.The kicker grabs a control cam piece and pivots it forward.When the control cam is pivoted forward it releases a cam plate.The kicker spring jerks the kicker backward at a good speed.Now the control cam is gradually returning to its original position.


There are many different types of payout systems in slot machines. The machine accepts only one coin and there is only one winning combination of the images. When we drop a coin in this machine then it falls into a transparent case. At the bottom there is a movable shutter, that is connected to a metal link. When the player hits the jackpot then the linkage is shifted up, it opens a shutter and the coins fall out.


The modern slot machines work on a different principle. There are no reels but there is a computer which operates everything. To turn each reel there is a stepper motor. And stepper motors are driven by small and short digital pulses. There is a random number generator in the computer which ensures that there is an equal shot at hitting the jackpot for each pull.

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